Current Status (update 2017-03-04)

If you want to ask anything, then add a comment in this page or in any video in Youtube! I am just too lazy to use actual blogs, hence no update on here, but I am working on things.

Ganbaruger: Will release as soon as the subcheck (39/47) is done!
Go Saurer: Will be subchecked after Ganbaruger.
Musashi Road*, Medarot Damashii, and Daigunder: Often working on it. Daigunder will have Russian subs, thanks to SutoKuroi.
Webdiver: Found someone who’ll subcheck, so wait for it!

*Musashi Road: While it is Lord in English title, it is Road in Japanese title.

Old post below:

All DVDs are now ready; every episodes will be in DVD quality.

Subbed, need someone to check and suggest improvements on the translation: 1~32
Parially subbed, waiting to be completed: 33~52
Planned: Talkdive 1~13

Tika, who makes better sentences than I do, is very busy at the moment, so she cannot work on the subtitles for the time being, so I’m trying to do as much as I can – timing and rough translation at best.

You can watch the full episodes without subtitles (maybe google auto-captioning can help?) on YouTube for now here (link to Youtube playlist). They are with subtitles that aren’t finished.

If you want to contribute, write a comment below! All you have to do is translate or improve on the translations.

Subdivers, to the Magical Gate!

Welcome to the residence of Subdivers!

We’re the fansub group specifically made for the translation of:

Dennou Boukenki Webdiver (電脳冒険記ウェブダイバー): Cyber Adventure Story Webdiver

The series is composed of 52 episodes, full of transforming robots in the cyber world.

We assume that you’re probably new to the series since it was never popular. We agree with you; the 3D Computer Graphics used in the series were very awkward, leaving the series not popular. But don’t leave now; every other aspect than 3D Graphics are more than acceptable. You’ll be touched at the story eventually; we guarantee it.

Some of you might remember the main plot of this show since this anime was aired years ago (a decade, even?) in some countries, but for those who haven’t known yet or have forgotten what’s the series about, come and gather around.

It follows an adventure of a boy in a cyberspace-like world fighting an evil virus together with his sentient, transforming robot friend in order to save his little brother and his friends who were captured by the said virus! A few name of series might pop up in your mind when you read the previous passage– but, despite being a fusion of several concepts already exist in other series, this anime managed to make it actually working and the later plot would give you lots of surprises.

And of course, Gladion is also waiting for you.

Creditless OP1[(000377)00-00-44]

Please look forward for our releases!

Subdivers, to the Magical Gate!